Samarpan (Sanskrit meaning Surrender) is a beautiful expression of one’s devotion to a purpose higher than one’s own. This is the essence of Yoga.

At SurrenderYoga, I help clients in many different ways – Yoga therapy, Natural Therapy – therapy for the body and for the soul. Yoga is not about only the body, it is a transformative process from within. And for this process, and to evolve, it is necessary to look at oneself from within. This means being true to ourselves, being consistent in our efforts. This includes respecting and honoring the planet on which we live. This combines to make Yoga a unifying process.

My name is Sinduja. “Samarpan” is the name my spiritual teacher has bestowed upon me. Samarpan means “Surrender”. This is my path and my most difficult lesson yet. I hope that I can share this journey with you.


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