Much of my experience is from working with women. These beautiful heroes have helped me understand the role of the feminine as well as understand my own femininity. I have worked with pregnant women, in pre-natal classes, helping me understand their needs.

I also have experience with corporate classes. Most employees of large companies, both software and otherwise have sedentary lifestyles. Most of the long working hours are spent at the desk, with little time to stretch their legs, let alone physical exercise. These classes I took to heart and helped these co-travelers unwind from a long day of stressful phone calls, deadlines and sales targets. From gentle stretches to cardio to breathing and relaxation/meditation practices helped them all unwind and perform better.


My foray into the world of Yoga has been like everything else in my life, slow and measured. There were no epiphanies, no a-ha! moments, it was a natural easy progression. I found the works of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Bihar School of Yoga) particularly enlightening and continued to find more and more books from the Bihar School and managed to read and absorb as much as I could from each. In time, I found Yogic and Tantric philosophy compelling and I still try and read as much as I can. In addition to being a thrilling intellectual exercise, it gives me the much-needed earthing that is of paramount importance for any individual.

I am re-committing myself to the world of social and environmental research at a turning point in our existence. This will, I hope tie in with the need for Yoga in Social Ecology. Yoga has the possibility of becoming a binder to help tie together social and environmental movements. This is what I hope to see through.

Highlights of Work Experience:

  • Series of videos for Modasta, Bangalore: June 2016
  • Yoga Instructor at Luxury Resort Carnoustie, February & April 2016
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